Youth Trust write ‘Igniting Potential’ to Inspire Social Action

May 23, 2019
Youth Trust write ‘Igniting Potential’ to Inspire Social Action

Elizabeth Howat, Director of the Young Leaders Award at the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, has written a new book, aiming to inspire and enable social action within schools.

Written in collaboration with Grove Books, ‘Igniting Potential: Developing Leadership and Character Through Social Action’ is available to buy now. Social action is a core component of the Youth Trust’s work with young people through the Young Leaders Award.  The book draws on this experience, providing educationalists with a useful guide to developing young people’s potential through social action programmes of learning.

‘Igniting Potential’ offers school leaders, teachers and youth workers:

·  The latest research from leading bodies on developing leadership, character and personal wellbeing in young people

·  The biblical inspiration for igniting potential through social action and how this links with the Church of England’s Vision for Education

·  Case studies from our schools of young leaders in action, sharing how students can be empowered as agents of change in their communities

·  Practical ideas for implementing a youth social action programme within a school context

‘Igniting Potential’ aims to inspire school leaders who are seeking to embed a leadership and character programme within their curriculums; and those who are interested in using social action to increase students’ social awareness and build relationships with the local community.

Elizabeth Howat said:

“I’m really excited to be launching this book and sharing our experience to help others! One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is hearing stories of how young people taking part in our Young Leaders Award have been transformed in leadership and character, both inwardly and outwardly, becoming confident, committed and resilient leaders who are passionate about serving others, and who are inspired to carry out social action and ‘be the change they want to see’ in their communities.”

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu said:

“Enabling young people to flourish in leadership and character is at the heart of the Youth Trust’s work. I’m really pleased to celebrate the launch of this new book, which offers school leaders biblical inspiration, fantastic case studies and practical ideas for igniting potential through youth social action. A worthwhile read for those seeking to empower young people to be agents of change - called, connected and committed to making a difference in their communities.”

‘Igniting Potential: Developing Leadership and Character through social action’ is available to buy now for only £3.95 here -

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