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What is the KS4/16+ YLA?

The KS4/+16 Award is a fully resourced leadership and character education programme for delivery within schools. Based on the concept of running a race the Award focuses on developing core skills for life after school and the work place.

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What is the KS4/16+ Award?

How will it fit in our school?

The Award has strong links to SMSC, British Values, PSHE, Character Education, Citizenship and SIAMS.

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How will it fit in our school?
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Explore 20 leadership skills and 20 character virtues, supporting your students to develop in the following areas:

Module 1
Communication &
Communication & Teamwork
Module 2
Problem solving
& Critical Thinking
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
Module 3
Conflict Resolution &
Managing Others
Conflict Resolution & Managing Others
Module 4
Coaching &
Mentoring Others
Coaching & Mentoring Others
Module 5
Decision Making
& Planning
Decision Making & Planning
Module 6
& Presentation
Communication & Presentation

There are two versions of KS4/16+ YLA

Full course diagram

Full Course
Modules 1-6

Delivered one hour a week over two years.

Short course diagram

Short course
Modules 1-3

Delivered one hour a week over one year or one hour a fortnight over two years.

Each module takes the following form:



Skills Based Activities



Apprentice Style Challenge



Volunteering in the Community



Setting Personal Targets

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Malton School- KS4 Case Study

What did they do?

KS4 students wanted to look at ways to combat loneliness in elderly people in their community. They arranged to visit 3 local care homes to spend time with residents talking and coordinating activities. Prior to visiting they established the care needs of the residents and prepared appropriate activities including craft, colouring and a range of games. Other projects students were involved in over the Award included raising money to purchase a defibrillator and supporting their local foodbank.

read the full case study
Malton school case study
Malton school action project

Teacher Quote:

"The students thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.  When we first arrived at the care homes most of the students were very hesitant to get involved and speak to the residents, especially those suffering from dementia type illnesses.  It was a wonderful experience to see all the students develop as the visit progressed and they became more comfortable in the surroundings.  I personally had a “lump in my throat” when my group were leaving and certain students went back to the residents they had been engaging with, to thank them for allowing them into their home."

How is the YLA delivered?
Typically delivered with Year 9 and 10 or Year 10 and 11, or Year 12
Works best embedded
within curriculum time (PSHE/Enrichment/Citizenship)
Full Course (70 hours) or Short Course (39 hours) option for delivery
Digital resource platform with
on-screen interactive content, includes: teacher planning and student activities
Ideas for leadership challenges and online Teacher Assessment Rubric
Option of online student access including work submission, digital workbooks and skills reflection
Certificates and badges on completion
3 levels of Award: Developing, Accomplished and Exemplary Leader

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KS4/ 16+ news

KS4/ 16+
Pupils Show Kindness During Lockdown
July 28, 2020

During lockdown, we have seen some incredible stories of kindness and compassion from young people. These acts of kindness, however small they may seem, have encouraged lots of people.

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