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The Archbishop of York Youth Trust exists to empower young people to be the change the want to see in their lives and communities. Through our Young Leaders Award for schools, we are equipping young people in leadership and character and empowering them to make a difference in their local communities.

Since the launch of the Trust in 2009:

  • 700 schools have engaged with Young leaders Award, enabling over 80,000 young people to take part
  • 577 cohorts (school groups) have enrolled
  • 85 schools have embedded the Award into their school curriculum and are now running at least their 3rd Cohort
  • 112 new schools signed up in 2016 / 17.
  • 10,558 young people from 196 schools received one of our Awards in 2016-17.
  • Collectively, we can estimate that this group of graduates completed 1320 days of volunteering (3.6 years), representing a 25% increase on last year!

To view recent case studies from schools and read the latest research from the University of Gloucestershire studying the impact of the Young Leaders Award, please see the links below.

To view videos on the Young Leaders Award in action please visit our YouTube page.

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