Youth Trust Poem 2021 - The Big Give Charity Challenge 2021

November 30, 2021
Youth Trust Poem 2021 - The Big Give Charity Challenge 2021

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Can you stop just for a minute I have an important message you see?

One vital for our young people, to help them grow into who they were created to be.


“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young,

but set an example in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity” is the song to be sung.

A different kind of action to the world’s measure of success,

Taking young people on a journey heart, mind and soul, to find the skills with which they are blessed.


The vision of the Young Leaders Award is to draw out what lies within,

To help young people make discoveries and see where they fit in.

The act of serving others is not solely about what they do,

but who they become in that process and the impact on others’ lives too.


A belief that our young people are the leaders of today and not tomorrow,

Inspirational people from the past and present are the stories that we borrow.

Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, Marcus Rashford and Malala to name but a few,

Exploring what it means to ‘be the change’ and see Society from a different view.

Leadership and character is drawn out through our resources,

Activities full of fun and creativity, a different vibe to the usual courses.

At the heart of pupils’ learning is considering why community matters,

Investigating society’s needs and ways to restore areas that lie in tatters.


Empowering young people to become agents of change,

With experiential learning helping extend their normal range.

Using their voices to support the lost, lonely and oppressed,

Our young people forever surprise us with their passion and their zest.


From creating parcels for the local foodbank,

To small acts of kindness for others to express thanks.

Providing activities for the elderly in the local care home,

And building community gardens that allow wildlife to roam.

Taking part in social action has the power to transform,

Building self-belief and confidence, not to settle with the norm.

An Education full of hope, purpose, belonging and vision,

Equipping pupils with key skills to make new decisions.

Ready for all the challenges that life may throw their way,

Experiencing life in its fullness each and every day.


Having taken you on a journey, I’ll start where I began,

Encouraging you to join a movement to help young people believe they can.

Supporting them to flourish in the learning opportunities we give

And see their full potential, by modelling new ways in which to live.

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