The National Younger Leadership Groups offers an exciting opportunity for young people to: develop in pupil leadership, grow in faith and have their voices heard on key topics and issues that are important to them and their communities.

National Younger Leadership Groups (NYLG)

The Church of England’s vision and strategy, led by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell, has a focus on ‘growing younger’, which makes consultation and engagement with children and young people integral to the work of the church. Attendees of the programme are nominated by their local Diocese Team.

As part of the Church of England’s Education Office work, the Archbishops’ Young Leaders Award team facilitate online sessions that gather the voices nationally of young people. The year-long programme, helps inspire and empower pupils to be catalysts for positive change within their schools, communities, and churches.

The sessions provide pupils with the opportunity to:

  - Be leaders who use their voice and engage with key issues that matter to them.

   - Connect with other schools nationally to discuss, share ideas and learn from each other.

   - Help shape the strategic development of the CE Education office and the wider Church.

   - Work on a local level with a parish partner to expand and develop their ideas.

This academic year the team are initially hosting five online sessions with primary aged pupils, with a view to extending our offering later in the year to secondary aged pupils.

Each session unpacks a big question that helps young people to explore how they can use their voice to enable flourishing.

You can find out more from our reports, sharing the voices of young people here:


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