These free resources introduce pupils to a range of social issues and environmental issues affecting our communities and support them to explore why community matters.

Community Matters Free Resources For Schools

Community Matters is an exciting new free resource from the Archbishop of York Youth Trust providing activities and ideas to help pupils explore why community matters and how children and young people can play their part in creating positive change, particularly as we rebuild our communities post-Covid restrictions.

Available for KS1, KS2 and KS3 there are two packs focusing on Social Issues and Environmental Issues with a range of activities designed to ignite, inspire and empower children and young people to make community matter and explore what it means to live in the wider world, as active citizens. Each pack also contains ideas for collective worship.

Whether you are already running the Young Leaders Award or not, the resources provide great supporting ideas for helping pupils develop their leadership skills and character.

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What does the Resource pack include?

This pack provides a range of activities to introduce pupils to Social and Environmental Issues in the community. There are 3 sections:

Ignite - Sparking discussion about social and environmental issues and asking the big questions.

Inspire - Providing real life examples of community matters in action and ways to make a difference to social and environmental issues.

Empower- Offering opportunities for pupils to find out more and become agents of change through their actions.

The activities can be used and adapted to best suit your pupils’ learning and curriculum needs.

Where might I use this resource?

·        As part of an assembly or collective worship session.

·        Within PSHE lessons as part of Core Theme 3: Living in the Wider World.

·        As part of Citizenship provision learning to be an active citizen.

·        Within RE Sessions that explore religious teaching on social and environmental issues.

·        In preparing pupils to take part in a social action project.

·        As part of a unit of work to develop pupils’ understanding of social, moral and cultural issues in society.

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