For Advent 2019, the Youth Trust produced a resource called ‘Voices of Advent’, which challenged Young Leaders to reflect on four characters from the Christmas Story and how they can inspire us to reach out to others.

Voices of Advent


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Over 450 schools across from country used the resource over Advent and social media was full of stories of young people taking action to make a difference in their communities.


Each week the resource included:

  • An introduction to the character with a short audio story from their perspective
  • A Bible link
  • Practical challenges
  • Reflective challenges
  • A prayer

These resources can be used in the classroom or in collective worship. Challenges can be done individually or as a group or class. The resource comes with four sessions to be run over a four week period.

Even though Advent has now finished, you can still download the resource here

For more information about our future Lent and Advent resources, get in touch with us on

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