Youth Led Action!

July 29, 2020
Youth Led Action!

On a recent visit to Carr Junior School (York) I was amazed to hear about a fantastic piece of Youth Led community action. Year 6 pupils at the school are taking part in our KS2 Young Leaders Award and as part of the programme they are encouraged to volunteer and set up projects both in and out of school in order to serve others and be the change they want to see. Inspired by the challenge, a number of the students decided to set up 'Pop-Up' cake stalls in their local community to raise money for two charities.  On the Saturday they spent most of their day baking and preparing ready for the big sale on the Sunday outside the local community store. At the end of two weekends of baking and selling these students had raised over £80 pounds for the RSPCA and a further £37 for Macmillan.  

The idea, planning and delivery of this community action project was entirely led by the students and the school staff only found out later about their amazing work when letters arrived from the charities thanking them for their fundraising efforts! Well done to the students at Carr Junior - what a fantastic example. #bethechange    

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