Young Leaders Show Christmas Generosity

July 29, 2020
Young Leaders Show Christmas Generosity

As our term comes to a close, we are delighted to showcase just a few of the many fantastic action projects that have happened during the season of Advent and the generosity and compassion shown by students embodying the message “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. Lots of fundraising has taken place for charity, foodbanks collected for, and senior citizens entertained both in and outside of school.

Young Leaders from Appley Bridge All Saints CE Primary School, Wigan, chose to brave the freezing weather and complete a sponsored Mud Run to raise money for the RSPCA. Mr Hunter, Teaching Assistant, explained that the pupils had been learning about different charities as part of the Young Leaders Award and that the pupils had been

“very concerned about animals and the cruelty that happens, and so decided to raise money for the RSPCA.”

The pupils showed amazing teamwork and organisation skills in their planning of the fundraiser, each taking on different responsibilities.  Despite the cold weather, they were full of enthusiasm and encouragement for each other as they completed almost an hour of running around their course of obstacles.  These Young Leaders showed incredible determination and also shared what they had learnt about being a good leader.  One pupil said that,

“every little challenge we do helps someone a lot”.

At Malton School festive tunes rang out, as KS4 Young Leaders took over responsibility for organising the annual senior citizens’ Christmas party.  Working in groups students took on 4 areas of preparation for the big day which included: Fundraising and preparing gifts for the guests; contacting local residents and promoting the event through different media outlets; creating decorations and preparing the school hall and entertainment; and catering including the baking of tasty treats.

The students explained how “it is important to reach out to those who may feel lonely and isolated and give them a different experience” and that it had been a “really good opportunity to be involved in, and different to normal lessons”.  Many guests commented on what a wonderful event it was and the quality of the entertainment and service from the young people.

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Similarly, Post-16 Students from Archbishop Holgate’s School in York, hosted their first community lunch to celebrate the Christmas season.  They wanted to reach out to senior citizens in their community, including those who may now be on their own.  Entertainment was led by the Chamber Choir, with a fantastic rendition of Gaudete, followed by a scrumptious roast dinner with all the trimmings and a visit from Santa bearing gifts.

Head girl and boy, Ellie, and Josh shared how for them, putting on an event like this develops and demonstrates a servant hearted leadership, a selflessness and willingness to give to others.  One guest said

“It’s amazing, what they’ve done today.  They’ve brought all these people together for a fantastic community event and the students have worked so hard.”

In a society, where young people can be viewed and represented negatively, it is brilliant to see thousands of our young people reaching out to give to others during this advent season.  Blessings to all our schools, staff and young people this Christmas time and a huge thank you for all the time you have given to volunteering and serving others.

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