Young Leaders reach out to local community

May 17, 2022
Young Leaders reach out to local community

Every pupil at Woodchester Endowed Church of England Primary School took part in the Young Leaders Award last year. The Award helped them to discover different ways to ‘be the change’ and reach out to their community during the challenges of the pandemic.

KS2 pupils partnered with their local church to create a lavender bed in the church grounds as a place of reflection. Members of the school, church and village community were invited to buy a lavender plant in memory of someone who had died or been affected by Covid 19.  The pupils spent an afternoon planting the new lavender plants as well as having some time themselves to reflect on their experiences during lockdown.

They created this video showing their reflections

The KS2 Young Leaders also coordinated a collection for local charity ‘Gloucestershire Bundles’ who support families in need. They asked the school community for donations of good quality clothes which they then sorted and bagged up to donate to the charity.

KS1 pupils chose to donate reading books that were no longer used to a school in Africa. When asked what they thought should be done with the books they wanted other children to benefit. The pupils helped to sort and box up the books to be donated.  

Pupils also reached out to elderly residents who were isolated during lockdown. The local church was delivering meals and the young leaders made cards with messages to go along with the meals. This was greatly appreciated, and the school even received cards back to thank them.  

Their Headteacher shared that:

“The children and adults gained a huge amount from all of these activities. They were all positive experiences and helped us to keep grounded during difficult and challenging times.”

These young leaders worked hard to explore creative and different ways to support their community despite the restrictions of the pandemic.  They are an inspiration.  

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