School Story - Enterprise South Liverpool Academy

July 29, 2020
School Story - Enterprise South Liverpool Academy

Students at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy have had a fantastic time completing the KS3 Young Leaders Award this year. Over the course of the Award they learnt about a number of people of faith who have changed the world for the better including; Elizabeth Fry,William Wilberforce, Ricardo Kaka, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. Having been inspired by these people's stories the students then put love into action by completing a number of projects in the community that focussed on serving others.

As a part of their 'school community project' the Young Leaders collected 7 massive bags of litter from around school and had a discussion about our responsibility to the environment. For their 'community action project' they signed up for a disability awareness workshop which was then followed up by spending a day with mentally and physically impaired adults, talking with them, playing bowls, football, and even taking part in Zumba classes! The link worker from the social services commended the young people and was very impressed with the way they had interacted with the vulnerable adults.    

Furthermore, the students also connected with the charity CAFOD, researching their work in advance, and then working with a representative from the charity to find out more about poverty and health issues in Africa. As a part of this the pupils engaged in songs, games and even a football tournament using fruit!

For their 'personal volunteering challenge', the students worked in groups to create and deliver an assembly to the whole of Year 7 on topics such as poverty, racism and how the Bible teaches that we should help and serve others.

All the students involved will graduate from the Award soon at a presentation event where they will receive their badges and certificates.

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