School Story - All Saints School

July 29, 2020
School Story - All Saints School

Students at All Saints College in Newcastle are 'being the change they want to see' through the Young Leaders Award. Over the course of this year 50 young people completing the Award at Key stage 3 and 4 have developed their leadership skills and served others through, running a Christmas Fayre, creating their own new school notice boards and running a lunch and bingo club for the local University of the 3rd Age. The Key stage 4 group also delivered an assembly to the rest of the school - something they wouldn't have imagined themselves doing before.

Principal, Lesley Craig, said:

"I don't want the children to ever feel they've failed in anything and this Award allows them to continually succeed in a big way. Through the Award the learners are consistently told they matter and are making a difference."    

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