Yearsley Grove Community Action Project

July 29, 2020
Yearsley Grove Community Action Project

Today, the year 6 children at Yearsley Grove Primary school have organised a Wonka-styled afternoon tea inviting older people and people in care to join them as part of completing their Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leader’s Award.

The children will also deliver an extra performance of their summer show ‘Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory’ as part of this special day.

Mr Dambrauskas, year 6 teacher and Director of ‘Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory’ said:  

“The production is and will be marvellous. The children have been dedicated and are working really hard for their Young Leaders Award. I think it will be a wonderful way for the children to get involved and serve their local community.”

Max Speich, year 6 pupil said:

“I hope it will make our older guests’ day more fun and entertaining whilst watching us complete this project as part of our award.”

Mrs Grayson, year 6 teacher and production choreographer enthused:

”Our talented Oompa-Loompa dance troup can’t wait to teach our audiences how to move to our ‘Happy’ dance. Hopefully, this will prove to be a great afternoon of laughs, cake and chocolate.”

Kate Denney, Strategic Lead for Primary Awards at The Archbishop of York Youth Trust said

“The children at Yearsley Grove have done an amazing job at ‘being the change they want to see’ in their local community. The leadership skills they have learned by doing the Award have truly shone out– they have showed great confidence, compassion and organisation. I wish them every success with their performance!”

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