Charity Story - Morecambe Bay

July 29, 2020
Charity Story - Morecambe Bay

We recently received a letter, sent to one of our schools, from a charity who had benefited from a young person completing our KS3 Award:

I am writing to compliment your year 7 project organised with yourselves to encourage students to participate in the Young Leaders Award.

We were delighted last week to learn that one of your pupils, Luke, had set up a project doing chores to raise funds for us, Morecambe Bay Foodbank, to complete his personal volunteering challenge in order to achieve the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award.

Luke contacted us to explain what he had done and ask what food we needed so he could use his cash wisely and buy food for us specific for anything we were short off. Luke told us he boldly informed Asda of his project and who he was buying food for and they encouraged him with £5 towards his aim.

His slogan "To be the change i want to see" was very appropriate given that we were the beneficiaries of his challenge. We were very glad to meet Luke after inviting him to the Foodbank last week after school so he could look around and see for himself what happened to the food after it was donated. He weighed in his own contribution which amounted to 50kgs, the equivalent of 5 food parcels for a single person. Each parcel contains enough for food for 3 meals for 3 days and toiletries . He showed wonderful initiative by ringing us beforehand, recognising we may have foodstuffs that we were short off and speaking to Asda.

Luke has worked very hard putting in lots of thought, time and effort and we feel very honoured that he has gone to great lengths for our benefit.  We wish him well and with his skills he has shown so far he should more than achieve his goal.

I hope your other year 7 students were just as successful and hope that many other people benefit from their projects.

Annette smith

Morecambe Bay Foodbank Co ordinator .

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