"Unlocking a world of wonders!"

July 29, 2020
"Unlocking a world of wonders!"

On Friday 31st March, we were delighted to welcome students from schools across York to the first ‘OMG! Science: Unlocking a world of wonder’ event at Manor CE Academy, York.

This event was funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation as part of the ‘Science and Congregations’ project administered by St Johns College, Durham. Evidence revealed from the LASAR (Learning About Science and Religion) Project has suggested that young people in England today are unlikely to access the view that science and religion are compatible, despite this being something that many scientists accept wholeheartedly. It was our hope that this event would enable young people in York to make discoveries in both science and faith and recognise that these can go hand in hand. It was fantastic to have a variety of excellent speakers and workshop leaders from various Universities, including the University of Sheffield, Leeds and York, helping young people to unlock the wonder of our world through science and discovery, and answering many of their questions about life, faith, cosmology and much more!

Dan Finn, Director of the Youth Trust said,

“This was a brilliant event that helped young people to engage in positive conversations about science and faith. The various speakers and workshop leaders were inspirational and I know they encouraged many young people today to see science as an exciting vocation”.  

Key note sessions and workshops included:

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