Taize 2017 - Day 7: Experiences

July 29, 2020
Taize 2017 - Day 7: Experiences

At Taize every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the Easter weekend. For me, Easter is a time where we can see God’s love in action, where we can have faith that God will fulfill his promises to us and a time of immense celebration.

The idea of Easter happening every weekend is a very strange one to me, mostly because before Easter we have lent and I thought that in Taize we didn’t have that, making the Easter period feel almost random.

However today in Taize I realised that the entire week has been very much like a time of Lent. We give up the luxuries we are used to such as; phones, TVs, baths and comfy beds, and instead, take upon regular reflection and prayer and a simple lifestyle.

Realising this and how it plays into the Easter weekend has really changed my view on what Taize is. I see now that Taize is more than just a place of retreat and an opportunity to experience a different life but a place of regeneration and renewal where you can be reminded of the love of God.

There are several similarities and differences between Taize and back home with regards to worship and prayer; for example, in church back home we also sing hymns collectively and study a passage of the bible which reflects key themes. However, numbers can be small; compared to Taize where there are over 4000 people under one roof joining in song, prayer, and worship.

It reminds me of the passage in Matthew 18:20 which reads:

“For where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there am I among them”

During the prayer and silence, a great awe and sense of God’s presence is felt which is a beautiful experience and it offers a moment of reflection. What makes Taize special is that the songs are a way to communicate with God, the songs are also short and repetitive; it’s as if the songs act as a beacon to invite God to witness his people give thanks.

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