Taize 2017 - Day 5: Inspirations

July 29, 2020
Taize 2017 - Day 5: Inspirations

The students of All Saint Academy, alongside their Chaplain Clay Roundtree have been reflecting on what has inspired them at Taize. What makes the place unique and different to anywhere they have been before. Below are several reflections:

I though in Taize we would stick to our friend’s groups. But I have been inspired by how easy it is the meet people from other countries. I’ve even spoken to them in some of my own German.


Being in our sharing groups at Taize has really surprised me. I didn’t realise I would get on so well with the people from other countries that I have met. It has been so easy. I also can’t believe how open people have been during the small group sessions, talking about their lives to freely.


I love the music, the harmony’s and the prayers. When you’re singing all the voices come together and you feel like you’re all one big voice. After a few days, the services now seem to fly by.


If I was walking in the park in the UK, I would never just walk up and say hello to somebody I have never met before. Whereas in Taize, you can! There is such a strong sense of community, like a family.


Some songs are easy to sing, others tricky, but it’s amazing how the brothers fluidly move between Languages. Just trying to sing in other languages has been stepping out of my comfort zone, but wonderful.


My small group has been great, but when they asked us to clean the toilets I was not convinced! But, it was actually fun. I told myself I was going to enjoy it, and prove others wrong. Things that outside of Taize seem impossible, somehow are possible in Taize.


I have spoken to people from Spain, France, Germany, Ireland and Slovenia. I’m so amazed by how easy it is to get together and meet new people.


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