Taize 2016 - Day 3 (Alice & Megan)

July 29, 2020
Taize 2016 - Day 3 (Alice & Megan)

After settling in to the unique way of life in Taize, we've had the opportunity to understand new cultures and mix with a variety of people. Yesterday we were organised into small international groups which encouraged us to share our own experiences and compare our home country's lifestyles. Our group is made up of five different nationalities which enables us to discuss a variety of interesting topics as well as being able to express our opinions and views on life at taize as well as life at home. Also during our group discussion time we explored the set bible passage in addition to speaking about issues of faith and the difficulties of living our faith out in daily life. All cultures and nationalities which meet together at taize are united in the embracing ethos of the community and welcoming attitudes of others.

Over the past few days we've participated in three peaceful services each day. During this time we have come to value the silence which is central to worship at Taize and find new meaning in our ability to worship. The simplistic nature of repeated chants during the service creates an environment to reflect on our own lives as well as the new experiences we've gained in our short time in Taize so far. Having both just finished our GCSE exams the serenity found in this community has provided us with a chance to truly recover and relax from the stressful period of time which we've just been through. Being in such a peaceful environment has highlighted how busy our lives are and the calmness which is embedded in life at taize has taught us to take time for peace.

The unity of the taize community, the ability to understand different cultures and the central emphasis on peace has changed our attitudes on our hectic lives and the place of reflection and community within them

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