Random Acts of Kindness

July 29, 2020
Random Acts of Kindness

400 children from Yearsley Grove Primary school are completing random acts of kindness this week across the city.

Eve Morris, Headteacher said "We were inspired by the children who took part in the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award before the summer.  The children, who were then in Year 5, decided to raise money for MacMillan.  The children wrote songs and baked biscuits for the nurses at York hospital and then performed in the hospital atrium.  I was so moved, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, so as a school we wanted to use the inspiration from the children to take this happiness city-wide. It's about the children being good role models to all of society, to show that kindness is infectious."

Across the week children in each year group will be doing a variety of activities to spread kindness throughout the city.  Year 5 and 6 children will be going to the Vanguarde shopping park and the city centre to sing and give away gifts and compliments to passing shoppers, whereas the KS1 children have been secretly filming videos to thank the more 'unsung and unseen' heroes in their school, including all the non-teaching staff and teaching assistants.  Years 3 and 4 will be doing a flash mob on the playground for parents and guardians collecting them on Friday afternoon.  Through all of these activities the children hope to send a wave of kindness across the city.

Kate Denney from the Archbishop of York Youth Trust said "Yearsley Grove Primary school are an inspiration - they have suddenly grasped the amazing impact that there can be from small acts of kindness to others.  Sometimes we can go through life and forget how powerful it can be to say thank you or spontaneously brighten someone's day.  The children are kind, thoughtful and conscientious and what a wonderful example they are for all of us to follow."

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