Pupils Show Kindness During Lockdown

July 29, 2020
Pupils Show Kindness During Lockdown

During lockdown, we have seen some incredible stories of kindness and compassion from young people. These acts of kindness, however small they may seem, have encouraged lots of people within their communities and brought joy.

Ozzy from London tutors two younger girls who have learning difficulties. As lockdown began, Ozzy noticed that the families of the girls that she tutors needed some more support with their home schooling. To help, Ozzy decided to offer more tutoring for the girls, meaning she could support them as they started home schooling, whilst giving their families a break too.

“The girls have taught me a lot, to count every blessing.”

Oscar from Hertfordshire wrote letters to his great-grandmother to keep in touch with her over lockdown. She lives in a flat on her own, so Oscar wanted to make sure she didn’t feel lonely. Oscar’s great-grandmother loved receiving the letters and said that they brightened her day. Seeing the impact a letter made to his great-grandmother’s day, Oscar realised he could do more. Gathering his friends from church, Oscar got in touch with some other elderly people in his community and now he and his friends write regularly to these residents.

“I’ve written over 20 cards now and have even received some back. If you take 20 minutes out of your day to be kind, it can really help someone else.”

Archie from Wakefield also wanted to support his family over lockdown. Archie’s nan lives on her own and he wanted to make sure that she felt loved, as she wasn’t able to see anyone. Taking his PA system to her street, Archie sang her favourite song to her from the pavement to brighten up her day.

“People all started coming out and I realised, it’s not just about me singing to my nan, it’s about everyone coming together and enjoying themselves in lockdown.”

Chino from Coventry arrived at school one day to see that his friend hadn’t completed his homework because he found it too difficult. As Chino had already finished his homework, he gave his lunch break to help his friend with the work.

“It’s good to be kind and helpful at all times.”

Leah from Carlisle joined the baking trend over lock down by taking up baking cakes with her family. Leah sent photos of her bakes and the recipes to her school to encourage other pupils to bake with their families. The recipes also got sent to the NHS staff, who were very grateful to receive them.

“I got quite a few postcards and notes back from people in the NHS to say thanks for my recipes.”

Josiah from York helped out his family by teaching his three sisters how to play football over lockdown. One valuable lesson that Josiah learnt was that it’s hard to produce sessions and teach, especially to siblings!

“I worked hard to produce the sessions… I feel quite proud of myself.

Mollie in Leeds joined with others from her church to deliver food parcels to those in need within their community. Providing these parcels meant that those who were not able to leave their homes due to shielding, were able to get essentials delivered to them.

“It’s been nice to see new faces that I wouldn’t have seen before and actually see people outside of the house. There was one man who was all by himself and was super grateful to receive our package.”

Getting creative in lockdown, Elisabeth from Manchester spent time learning how to use watercolour paints. She loved learning a new skill and used this to send her friends some packages in the post to brighten their days.

“I’ve been using it to paint paintings for my friends with their favourite colours with quotes from one of my favourite poets on it. I send it in the mail and I get really excited to send them a gift.”

Sasha-Grace from Coventry showed kindness by buying lunch for her friend who didn’t have any money in her school account. Sasha wanted to share her lunch money with her friend as she knew how hard it can be to concentrate at school when hungry.

“Being kind can come in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be huge. Even the littlest things can improve someone’s day.”

The kindness that these young leaders showed to their communities over lockdown is a great example of leadership. You can make a difference in the world, no matter how old you are, or how big the act of kindness is!

Watch these pupils sharing their stories below.

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