Primary pupils take action on food poverty and food waste

December 15, 2022
Primary pupils take action on food poverty and food waste

Year 4 pupils at St Thomas' CofE Primary School in North Kensington spent a week learning about the North Kensington Community Kitchen for their Archbishops’ Young Leaders Award community action project.  

They read about the Community Kitchen during their Guided Reading time then volunteered in the kitchen for a morning helping to pack food for local families. While volunteering, the children found out that the charity was planning to start delivering school workshops next year to help teach children about issues relating to food and the environment. To support the charity’s educational endeavours, the class created a children's guide with their top ten tips on eating well, as well as a list of recommendations for age-appropriate books about the environment.  

The project really helped children to become more aware of issues such as food poverty and food waste and motivated them to take action and make changes every day by valuing and appreciating the food they had, cooking nutritious meals with their families, and being compassionate towards those who are going through a tough time.  

I will always remember all of the poverty everywhere and what we can do to stop it. I worked and persevered and found it fun and interesting." Year 4 Pupil

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