OMG! Science Conference at The Hive

July 29, 2020
OMG! Science Conference at The Hive

Young people aged 14- 18 are exploring science and faith on Friday 31st March at OMG! Science: Unlocking a world of wonder. This is a free event taking place at The Hive, Manor Church of England Academy York from 9.30am until 3pm and will be hosted by a youth group from St Andrew’s Church Bishopthorpe.

Lunch is provided and each attendee will receive a conference pack including the book ‘Let there be science’ written by Prof Tom McLeish and David Hutchings.

The OMG! Science: Unlocking a world of wonder event is funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation as part of the ‘Science and Congregations’ project administered by St Johns College, Durham. Evidence revealed from the LASAR (Learning About Science and Religion) Project has suggested that young people in England today are unlikely to access the view that science and religion are compatible, despite this being something that many scientists accept wholeheartedly.

Dan Finn, the Director of the Archbishop’s Youth Trust, who is coordinating the event said: “It is our hope that this event will enable young people in York to make discoveries in both science and faith and recognise that these can go hand in hand. The different speakers throughout the day will allow for a day of discovery on unlocking the wonders of our world”.

Callum Mo, from St Andrew’s Church Youth group said: “This event is the first of its kind that I have been involved in, and I am really looking forward to see how the various viewpoints and opinions mix on the day. I think that both religious and scientific aspects will be challenged and that, through this, people will be able to see there is no great divide between the two disciplines.”

Students will have the opportunity to hear keynotes in Biology and Physics led by Stephanie Bryant, Prof. Dave Rafaelli and Dr Rhoda Hawkins. Creative and practical workshops will include: ‘Debunking the Myth’ led by Dave Hutchings and Dr Andy Bannister; ‘The Giant Cosmodone’ led by Prof Matt Probert; ‘The Nano World’ led by Dr Phil Hasnip; ‘Oceans and Acidification’ led by Stephanie Bryant; ‘Evolution’ led by Prof. Dave Raffaelli; and ‘Natural Disasters or Evil?’ led by Tom Ingelby.

For more information about the OMG! Science event to be held at the Hive, please contact Dan Finn at email: or at mb. 07714 481443

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