Low Moor CE Primary Young Leaders Celebrate Success

July 29, 2020
Low Moor CE Primary Young Leaders Celebrate Success

On Monday 3rd July, Bishop Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford, will present 59 pupils, from Low Moor CE Primary School, with their Young Leaders Awards.

The Year 4 pupils have taken part in the active citizenship programme this year which saw them take part in a range of challenges to ‘be the change they want to see’ in their local, national and global communities.

They completed personal challenges at home to help their family and neighbours such as cooking for their families, cleaning cars for neighbours and donating clothes and toys to charity shops.

They explored the work of UK charities and presented this to their school in an assembly and arranging a vote to decide on a charity to support.  They went on to raise £235.50 for Oxfam by organising a ‘Mad Hair Day’ and cake sale for their whole school.

The pupils also went on a walk around their local community, looking for opportunities to be young leaders and to make a positive impact on the area. They decided to build hedgehog homes to leave around the local community. They designed and created their hedgehog homes from scratch using pieces of wood.  The hedgehog homes have encouraged more wildlife to visit the school grounds and surrounding area, as well as encouraging others to be more considerate of wildlife.

"children now have an understanding of how to make a difference on a national scale." Low Moors @Oxfam BAD HAIR DAY! https://t.co/8PW4d1V2st pic.twitter.com/pF1FHX2oq9— ABY Youth Trust (@ABYyouthtrust) July 3, 2017

Andy Robinson, Year 4 teacher said;

“Whilst taking part in the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Award, the children developed an understanding of how they can make a positive impact on their community and how they can make a difference on a national scale.  Through completing each of the projects the children have developed their collaboration skills and have become independent and confident learners. Our school has a distinctive Christian character and the project allowed the children to explore the Christian values and develop an understanding of how they can help those around them by completing various challenges.”

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