Knaresborough KS2 Young Leaders

June 5, 2019
Knaresborough KS2 Young Leaders

Pupils from Knaresborough St John’s C of E Primary School took on a wonderful range of projects to help their local community through the Young Leaders Award over the past year.

Inspired by their local vicar’s upcoming trip to Ghana the Young Leaders organised a collection of stationary to send out to Ghana.  Pupils presented an assembly to ask their whole school community to get involved which resulted in several crates of stationary being sent out to Ghana.  A fantastic effort!

Alongside this project the Young Leaders explored the needs in their local community and considered the people in their community who are sometimes forgotten.  They visited two local organisations who work with those with a physical handicap; Henshaw’s Arts and Crafts and with those with mental health issues; Orb Community Arts.

The pupils decided they wanted to raise awareness of mental well-being in their school and wider community and also to raise some money for Orb Community Arts to purchase some new equipment for their work and so planned a Community Valentine’s Day Coffee Morning.

The event was open to all school family members with invited guests from a nearby elderly home as well as staff and service users from Orb who shared their work.

The morning was a great success with the Young Leaders confidently taking the lead in organising and hosting their morning.  They raised an impressive £464.20!

Jenny Byers, Teacher at Knaresborough St John’s, said; “The children learned a lot about humility as they realised they had a lot to learn from people they had never considered before.  Nearly every child has expressed a wish to do more for Orb, despite their award being completed.  All have realised that they are part of our town community and can take it forwards, not merely being negative about the decisions of others but rather trying to influence by example.”
Rozy Brian, Strategic Lead for Primary Awards at the Youth Trust, said; “These wonderful pupils really have embraced all that the Young Leaders Award is!  They have not only completed some fantastic action projects to help their local community and the global community in Ghana but have also clearly grown in their character and leadership skills.  Amazing examples of ‘being the change you want to see’.”

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