Husthwaite CE Primary School Making a difference

July 29, 2020
Husthwaite CE Primary School Making a difference

The year six at Husthwaite Primary School have been very busy working towards their Young Leaders Award over the past term. As individual projects they have been focusing on things they can do for their family and neighbours as well as enjoying doing a charity bake for Children in Need and selling poppies for and other items for The Royal British Legion. For their community action project they  linked up with the local Village Orchard Club. This is a monthly club for elderly villagers. They had lunch at the school and then engaged in intergenerational activities like Dominoes and Boccia.

There were ages 9-90 competing with each other! It went down really well and they plan to do another one after Christmas in order to keep up the links with the group. The Orchard Club members felt it increased their energy levels and the children were surprised how competitive the older generations can be!

Gemma Goodchild, YLA Teacher said

" I think it helps develop mutual respect having this type of activity and I'm really glad we did it. The Award went well and the planning and resources made it easy to run with the children. I think the children have gained from thinking further afield. The danger with children living in a rural area is they can be naive to what is going on around them. Thinking nationally and globally helped them to look at the bigger picture and people of the world. The Award has fitted well within the PSHCE and RE lessons and has also fitted in well with this half term's topic as we are looking at the local area."
“Helping people is a very big reward, putting other before yourself is very satisfying” Isabelle (age 11)
“I found it very exciting because we got to help the community and we saw a change.” Jack (age 10)
“It makes you feel proud as what you are doing helps the community” Katy (age 10)

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