Grant Announcement - Gold digger Trust

July 12, 2021
Grant Announcement - Gold digger Trust

Sheffield based charity The Golddigger Trust are the recipients of The Archbishop of York Youth Trust's first grant of 2013. The grant has been given to help Golddigger's work with young women in the Sheffield area and in particular their work with teenage girls in Sheffield around the issues of self esteem and relationships.

Formed in 2005, The Golddigger Trust started as a charity and music project to tackle some of the many issues that they were seeing teenage girls struggle with.  11 months ago they established a project specifically for young people in Sheffield who were identified as victims of, or at risk or sexual exploitation and they have now widened their project to also offer support for boys.

The grant to Golddigger, is given in order to create a book with the girls that they have been working with. This ‘book project’ is a way to collect up the ideas and stories, bits of advice and testimonies of the girls that have been through the programme as a way to encourage and build up other young people. It's a way that their young people can keep their anonymity while still being able to give back and use what has happened to them to help other girls through similar or other tough situations.

The Youth Trust is delighted to be working with The Golddigger Trust in this way. Youth Trust Director said:

"Personally I've been aware of Golddigger since they started several years ago.  Mandy and Beth have a real passion for these young people and their hard work and determination to make things better is exactly the sort of project that we as a charity want to support.  It's great to be involved with them and I look forward to seeing how the book project develops over the next few months.  I'd encourage local charities in Sheffield to get in touch with them and help them out!"

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