School Story: Esh C of E Primary’s Young Leaders

December 16, 2021
School Story: Esh C of E Primary’s Young Leaders

15 Year 1 children at Esh C of E Primary in Durham have just completed their Young Leaders Award learning about kindness, perseverance and teamwork.

The YLA offers a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and character virtues within KS1, whilst challenging pupils to think about the difference they can make in the community around them.

Having learnt about how kindness creates ripples that spread, the children carried out random acts of kindness at home helping with activities like setting the table for dinner or looking after a sibling. They also supported their community by collecting food for the local food bank in response to learning about those in need within their community.

Children practised the character virtue of perseverance by spending time teaching the Reception children in the class new skills such as how to play a game. They also set themselves a challenge at home, for example swimming across the pool or learning to ride their bike.

'I'm going to stick at things and not give up'

Year 1 Pupil

To develop their teamwork skills, the children decided to tidy the school outdoor area and playtime shed. They split into teams to focus on the different areas, weeding the flowerbeds, sweeping up the leaves and tidying the games equipment.

'I enjoyed cleaning the shed with my friends, it was good fun working as a team.’

Year 1 Pupil

Their teacher, Mrs Wilson, said the children really engaged with the Young Leaders Award and it was

“a good opportunity for them to explore the qualities of what makes a good leader. They were able to think about their community in school and wider area.”

Congratulations to all of the Year 1 Young Leaders at Esh C of E Primary who are taking small steps to make big changes!

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