Dignity & Respect

July 29, 2020
Dignity & Respect

On the 4th of February the Youth Trust alongside the Archbishop of York attended the National CE Education conference. The theme of the event was 'Leading Education for Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity' as well as the launch of the 'The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership'. The conference will drew together key national thinkers to provide rich pedagogical and theological reflection, alongside great practical opportunities for school leaders to learn from one another, as they seek to educate. It included dynamic case study reports from a wide range of primary and secondary schools from across the country, of which the Youth Trust was one.

As part of this, the Youth Trust were asked to deliver a workshop exploring how to ‘Educate for Dignity & Respect’ in our schools. We gave practical examples from many for the schools we work with through the Young Leaders Award and provided resources for teachers to take away, including the following short video:

Part of our workshop included two thorough case studies of the Youth Trust work and involvement in the areas of 'Dignity and Respect' The documents are now available here for download by clicking below:

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