Taize 2017 - Day 4: People & Culture's

July 29, 2020
Taize 2017 - Day 4: People & Culture's

The Taizé experience is one that cannot be put into words, however I'm going to try. The 22-hour coach journey becomes only a minor inconvenience once you walk into the welcoming community that is Taizé. Taizé is both a place of healing, as well as a place that throws multiple challenges your way, whether that is a language barrier, emotional challenges that rise up to the surface in this peaceful atmosphere, or just general suffering in the unbearable heat.

You meet so many different people from all corners of the world. The merging of cultures makes Taizé the most unique place on Earth. A place that despite the horrible food can bring peace and healing in even the hardest of times. And that is why thousands of people flock to this remarkable place constantly.  The peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere is just one of the things that helps create such unity, while everyone still remains independent and individual. Judgement and hatred cease to exist in Taizé. Which is another one of the reasons Taizé is an experience like no other. Although Taizé has its challenges, Taizé also brings healing and inner peace, making it the greatest place on earth.

Olivia Hemingway (Sentamu Academy)

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