Creative KS2 Young Leaders raise the bar!

July 29, 2020
Creative KS2 Young Leaders raise the bar!

As we approach the end of this academic year at the Youth Trust, we have the joy of hearing about what Young Leaders all over the North have achieved as they have completed their Awards.

We have also been lucky enough to visit many schools to meet their Young Leaders and present their awards.  We have heard many amazing stories of pupils serving their school and local communities but also some stand out examples of individual pupils who have gone above and beyond expectation.

Part of the Key Stage 2 Young Leaders Award is a grid of 25 personal challenges.  Each Young Leader is challenged to complete at least 5 of these challenges as they take part in the Award.  They include simple challenges to serve others which helps our Young Leaders to appreciate that small acts of kindness can have a big impact.

Pupils have the option to ‘invent their own’ personal challenge too, which gives them a great opportunity to be creative and take initiative.  This year we want to celebrate some individual Young Leaders who have completed exceptional ‘invent your own’ challenges.

Lola from St John’s CE Primary Academy wrote an article for a magazine sharing her experience of having a sibling with a disability.

Kiran, also from St John’s CE Primary Academy abseiled down Ilkley Moor Quarry to raise money for Comic Relief.

David from Appleton Roebuck Primary School cleaned all the street signs in his village!

Jay, also from Appleton Roebuck Primary School, created signs to put up at the end of his street to ask cars to drive slowly as children were playing.

James, Isaac, Wil and Luke from Archbishop of York Junior School raised over £300 for St Leonard’s Hospice by completing a triathlon!

Obie from Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School arranged a collection of advent calendars to donate to a woman’s refuge.  He collected 69 calendars!

Savanna and Charlie from Huby CE Primary School decided to learn Makaton signs to support a new child with a hearing impairment who is joining their school next year.

Finally, Sienna from Swanland Primary School completed all 25 personal challenges from Archie’s grid!

A huge well done to these creative and dedicated Young Leaders!

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