Youth Trust & ACTS 435 to provide school activities for Christmas

July 29, 2020
Youth Trust & ACTS 435 to provide school activities for Christmas

Working with the Archbishop’s Youth Trust, Acts 435 is asking pupils to consider decorating an Acts 435 Christmas tree as a way to counter consumerism and to encourage learners to think about what matters most.

The specially-created activity packs include cut out baubles with messages such as ‘Help! No coat for winter, and Help! Washing machine broken’ to raise awareness of those living in poverty in the UK and also how a resource like Acts 435 can make a difference.  The packs also contain other resources for decorating the tree in school or for taking a bauble home.

Executive Director of Acts 435 Jennifer Herrera said:

“The baubles represent real needs in the lives or men, women and children in our society today.  They give a wonderful opportunity to look afresh at the Christmas themes of love and generosity and see whether we can give a small gift to make a big difference for someone in need”.

Dan Finn, Director of the Youth Trust said:

“All Young Leaders taking the Award at Key stages 2, 3 and 4 are encouraged to find ways in which they can look to serve others, in their classroom, in their schools or in local communities.  Our Young Leaders are incredible.  Every day they make a positive difference for others from fundraising cake stalls, running breakfast clubs, litter-picking improvements or making home commitments to walk the dog.  The Acts 435 Christmas activity packs provide another way for young leaders to ‘be the change they want to see’."

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