Clifton Young Leaders Make Their Mark

July 29, 2020
Clifton Young Leaders Make Their Mark

Year 3 pupils at Clifton School and Nursery this week received their Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award in a new garden they created for the community.

Beginning this term, Clifton School pupils completed the leadership classwork module looking at how world leaders had made a difference in the fields of social justice, sport, politics and science. The pupils then explored ways in which they could also make their mark and identified a piece of land next to the school which they wanted to improve.

As part of their community project work for their Award, the pupils helped to transform a piece of local land adjacent to the school which now includes their eco–friendly sculptures made out of oak and willow and a bug-friendly hotel.

The Archbishop of York said:

“Young people have the potential to change our society for the better and my Young Leaders Award is helping them to do it.  As I am undertaking a Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing across the Diocese of York – I have had the privilege of being able to visit a number of church and community schools on my journey where young leaders are being the change they want to see.”

Freya Loftus, Class Teacher said

“The pupils wrote to the Council asking permission to make the land more attractive. They designed logos and made jingles. Once we had received permissions, our class visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to get ideas about how to best use the outdoor space. Over the past 4 weeks they have worked non-stop to transform the land with the help of staff and parents. The pupils have litter-picked, weeded and planted flowers. They have learned how to carve wood and build their own structures.  The pupils have been excited to learn more about the wildlife and built a bug hotel for the mini-beasts. It has been a fantastic experience for the children to give something back to the community.”

Dan Finn, Director of the Youth Trust said

“I was delighted to be invited to the launch of the new outdoor area, with staff, parents and governors attending to present the Young Leaders with their Award for their work on this project. These Young Leaders have worked really hard – and have put all of their leadership skills into action to make a difference in their local communities.”

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