Campaigning for the homeless in Manchester

July 29, 2020
Campaigning for the homeless in Manchester

Young Leaders from Firwood Manor Preparatory School have got involved in an amazing local project supporting homeless people in Manchester.

The pupils decided to raise awareness about homelessness in their community. They campaigned for more people to help by writing letters to local businesses and organisations. They also created posters and booklets to raise awareness.

One particular project they came across really caught their attention! The Skullfades Foundation was set up by local barber Ged King who gives free haircuts to the homeless in Manchester. The charity also offers practical help and access to support services for homeless people. The pupils got in touch with the Skullfades Foundation and arranged to meet with them to share what they had been doing to ‘be the change they want to see’ in their community through the Young Leaders Award. They also donated books, blankets and toothbrushes which they had collected.

Ged King, from Skullfades Foundation, said;

“It's not everyday people from independent business's get the opportunity to help inspire the younger generation to do good in the community. We feel that a barrier has been overcome here, thank you to everyone who took part and the individual children who have seen what good we have done.”

Kate Ringrose, teacher at Firwood Manor, said;

“What the children have achieved is remarkable. It has made a big difference to their behaviour. They are more thoughtful and have more empathy for others. What started as an idea has spread over two terms work and hopefully it will continue.”

Rozy Brian, Strategic Lead for Primary Awards, said;

“these pupils have shown incredible passion and determination to make a real difference to others less fortunate than themselves in their community. It is wonderful to see young leaders get involved with a project like Skullfades Foundation that is doing such an important work in Manchester.”

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