Bringing Hope to Communities During Coronavirus

July 29, 2020
Bringing Hope to Communities During Coronavirus

As we are all experiencing, Coronavirus has brought uncertainty to everyone’s day-to-day lives. People are scared, confused, uncertain of what may be. There is no better time than now to support our local communities.

The heart of the Young Leaders Award (YLA) is to encourage young people to learn key leadership skills and character virtues, then to put these into practice by supporting their local community. Young people have a huge opportunity to bring hope and peace to their communities during this time, by supporting those who are vulnerable and in need.

Here are some practical ways that you and your Young Leaders can help support your local communities through the Coronavirus outbreak whilst keeping safe.


Postcards and cards

You may have seen the #ViralKindness postcards that were created as a way of making sure neighbours and friends are supported. We’ve created a Young Leaders version that you can use with your pupils to send out to the neighbours of your school, or their neighbours at home.

Information on them is limited, but it allows the community to know that your pupils are thinking of them.

If you’d like to do something more personal, why not make a card including drawings for neighbours, introducing yourself and sharing that you are thinking or praying for them.

This small act could make a huge difference to those who may be isolated and lonely.

Use the below postcard or email us on and we'll send you the PDF.

Find out more about the original Viral Kindness postcards -

Put pen to paper

A lot of the stories that our schools share with us include connections to the elderly in our communities. This could be through visits to care homes,organising events like afternoon teas or through members of the community visiting schools. While these are all fantastic things to do, the elderly in our communities are highly vulnerable in the current climate. Therefore, instead of face-to-face contact, why not write letters to a local care home, creating a pen-pal relationship with your pupils. When we’re out of the Coronavirus outbreak, you could arrange to meet these pen-pals face to face!


Ready, set, bake!

Consider dropping some food shopping essentials round to vulnerable or isolated neighbours, leaving them on the doorstep. Or, if you know the persons dietary needs, then why not bake some cakes or cupcakes and leave them on the doorstep, putting a note through their letterbox to let them know you are thinking of them. This simple act could make someone’s day a lot brighter. With many people feeling unable to venture outside to do a weekly shop, they may be surviving on the essentials purchased previously. Giving them the treat of a cake would be a lovely surprise.


Make contact

We all know someone who will be affected by Coronavirus. Use your time when you’re together on the YLA with your pupils to note all those who they could reach out to and encourage through this time. It may be their elderly relatives, friends who have had to self-isolate, or those who are particularly fearful of the outbreak. Encourage your pupils to go home and write notes, texts or emails to these people. A flower posted through a friend’s letterbox could make a huge difference to a friend’s day.


These are just a few ideas of how you can use the YLA to support your local communities. If you would like to get in touch with a question about the YLA, or need more ideas please do get in touch.

We are in the process of developing some primary and secondary YLA lessons that would be available free to download for parents to run with their children at home. This not only encourages young people to continue their leadership journeys, but also encourages families to be a part of their children’s YLA stories too. They’ll be more resources coming out as well so keep an eye on our social media for all the latest -@ABYyouthtrust

During a time of uncertainty, there is no better time for our children and young people to make a difference in society. Let’s encourage them to do that.

Whatever you do, please share it with us on social media, so that we can spread messages of hope and encouragement during this time.


More Coronavirus Information for Schools Running the YLA

The Youth Trust staff are available to answer any questions by phone or email, so do let us know should you need any support from us.

Look out for further information from us and please get in touch should you have any questions. Thanks for your patience, we’re praying that you and your pupils are safe and well.

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