Bingley Students Inspired to be Anne Frank Ambassadors

July 29, 2020
Bingley Students Inspired to be Anne Frank Ambassadors

Year 8 Young Leaders from Bingley grammar school have been inspired to ‘be the change they want to see’ training as Anne Frank Ambassadors to engage and inspire a new generation with her tremendous story of courage.  The group delivered an excellent assembly to over 300 Year 7 students on the Life of Anne Frank, which was a daunting experience.  The group held their nerve and enjoyed the experience, developing their confidence to speak in front of others.

Later in the month, the students acted as Ambassadors at the Kala Sangam Centre in Bradford showing two classes of students from Lapage Primary school in Bradford around the Anne Frank and You exhibition. They used their training to teach the students about Anne’s life and current conflicts happening in the world and what can be done to stop hate crime. A smaller group were also invited to show important people of Bradford around the exhibition speaking about what they had learned. Miss Shah YLA teacher said

“I’m really proud of the students.  They all worked really hard to give the younger students an informative and engaging experience.”

Elizabeth Howat, Secondary Strategic Lead said,

“What a fantastic initiative.  It is great to see these students, having been inspired by Anne Frank’s story, developing their leadership skills and being empowered to tell others her story, sharing how we can make a difference in our communities.”

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