Award Success at Bishops Blue Coat School

July 29, 2020
Award Success at Bishops Blue Coat School

Students from Bishops Blue Coat CE High School in Chester have been awarded the KS3 Young Leaders Award. The school launched the programme at the start of this year and the students have done some amazing things to serve others and 'be the change they want to see' in their community.

Over the course of the year they have completed three modules in Faith, Hope and Action, and as a result huge amounts of volunteering has taken place. Each class has taken on different projects from working with the local toddlers group to run a tea party, organising a garden renovation project at the local church, working in the local primary schools with Year 6 pupils preparing to come to secondary school and educating people on fire safety.  

The school is looking forward to starting the KS4 Award next year and running the KS3 programme with the new group of year 7 students.

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