Archbishop’s Youth Trust Supports M13 Youth Project

July 29, 2020
Archbishop’s Youth Trust Supports M13 Youth Project

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust has recently supported a community-based voluntary sector M13 Youth Project called the ‘Personal Troubles, Public Issues’ (PTPI) group through its grant making programme.  M13 Youth Project works with over 400 people a year and is based in Ardwick, Manchester.

In the build up to this year’s election,  the PTPI group work has focussed largely on learning more about politics, how the electoral system works in this country and how young people themselves can ‘be the change they want to see’ in their local community.

Last month, the M13 PTPI group were invited to take part in a Youth debate, held in Manchester Metropolitan University, with candidates from a number of political parties debating. Many of the young people who are now old enough to vote have said that as a result of attending this project they are now more passionate about social issues and are keen to vote tomorrow.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu said:

“I’m delighted that my Youth Trust has been able to support this M13 project which has helped so many young people find out more about politics and how they too can speak up on important issues. I believe freedom and fellowship work best when we seek not our own wellbeing but the general well-being of all – and I commend M13 for the work it continues to do with young people in this regard.”

Gabriel Oyediwura, M13 PTPI Project Leader said;

"The project has enabled young people to explore politics, the issues we face as a community and wider influences. Equipping young people with knowledge through discussion and reflection has been the stepping stone for the journey of social action we’ve begun. We are delighted the group are aware of effective methods of making change, whether that’s participating in current systems of democracy or challenging systems they see as unjust."

In November 2014, the PTPI group formed a delegation to meet Labour councillors at the time of budgetary planning on council funding for youth and play. M13 gathered petition signatures in and around Longsight for the Manchester-wide petition to ‘Keep the Youth Fund’. As a result of their efforts, a number of the young people from M13 and other youth initiatives were invited to the Council’s scrutiny committee to raise their concerns about the proposed funding cuts. In January 2015, the Council announced that it would not cut £737,000 from its Youth & Play Funds.

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