Youth Trust Ambassadors Meet

July 29, 2020
Youth Trust Ambassadors Meet

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust Ambassadors today met at Bishopthorpe Palace to be updated on the work of the Trust and its new ‘Youth Trust Partner’ scheme.

The Youth Trust has recently offered funding to a number of new projects, making the running total of grants since 2009 to more than £90k to 28 youth projects across the North of England.

The Youth Trust is seeking to recruit more Ambassadors and is keen to hear from people who feel they could volunteer some of their time telling people about its work, creating fundraising opportunities and connecting the Trust to schools, businesses and other organisations who may be interested in getting involved.

The Youth Trust’s new ‘Youth Trust Partner’ scheme is also under way.  It is seeking 100 people to support the Trust financially with £15 per month. This level of funding is expected to support the ongoing work of the Youth Trust’s grant making programme and the possibility of supporting further projects each year.

Dan Finn, Director of the Youth Trust said:

“We’re very grateful for our Ambassadors and the role they play in supporting the Trust and helping more people to find out about the vital work we are doing in schools and communities across the north of England.  At present we have 8 grant projects that we are supporting and 165 schools involved in our Young Leaders Awards. It’s an exciting work to be involved in and great to have the Ambassadors volunteering with us and helping to achieve our vision.”

Current Ambassadors include Headteachers, Company Directors, an Artist, Financial Managers and School Teachers.

You can also keep up to date with the work of the Youth Trust through Facebook, Twitter (@ABYyouthtrust) and

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