Abingdon Primary Young Leaders on the Big Screen

July 29, 2020
Abingdon Primary Young Leaders on the Big Screen

Year 4 Young Leaders from Abingdon Primary, Middlesbrough this morning attended the screening of their "Keep Middlesbrough Tidy" video campaign on the Middlesbrough Big Screen in the company of Mayor Ray Mallon and a number of their parents.

They had taken on the project as part of their Young Leaders Award which also saw them complete a number of personal challenges such as making meals for their family, writing to their local MP and reading to elderly relatives.  On Friday they also held a Jam Tart sale in school raising money for the Archbishop of York Youth Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Young Leaders talked about how much they had enjoyed completing the Awards and how they were looking forward to seeing how much money they had raised.  One Young Leader said,

"It made me feel really good about myself selling jam tarts to help young people with cancer and I'm so excited to see my mum here today".  

The video was screened twice and may go on to be screened again in the course of the summer.

Mayor Ray Mallon praised the Young Leaders on their amazing work and on leading the way in the town saying,

"Let's hope the adults of Middlesbrough take notice of the work these great kids have done"

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