School Story - Carcroft Primary School, Doncaster

August 13, 2019
School Story - Carcroft Primary School, Doncaster

Pupils from Carcroft Primary School in Doncaster have recently completed the Key Stage 2 Young Leaders Award (YLA).

Carcroft were among 10 Doncaster primary schools who benefited from Department for Education funding to run the YLA through the Doncaster Opportunity Area scheme to provide pupils with access to activities to develop ‘Essential Life Skills’.

Using the stories of inspirational leaders from across the world, the YLA develops pupils’ leadership skills and character virtues, whilst giving opportunities to put these skills into practice by serving the wider community.

After exploring ways to make their community a better place for everyone, the Young Leaders from Carcroft decided to do a sleepover to raise money to help homelessness in Doncaster.

“It made us feel upset that homeless people have to live outside in horrible weather. We were very sad that there are people who do not have homes in Doncaster.”

Young Leader, Carcroft Primary School

The Carcroft Primary Young Leaders and staff began their sleepover by building shelters using ropes, hoops and sheets. The pupils did a brilliant job of coping in a difficult situation and got to experience first-hand what it is like to sleep on the streets. The sleepover encouraged them to reflect on how fortunate they are to have some warm and dry to sleep. Gaining sponsorship for the sleepover, the Young Leaders then went to visit the YMCA in Doncaster to give them the money raised and to see what difference their hard work will make.

"I didn't think sleeping out was so difficult for people, I am glad we can help by raising money for the shelters. My £10 will look after someone for a week."

Young Leader, Carcroft Primary School

"I feel so lucky to be able to help people who need support with their lives. My mum and dad look after me and that makes me so grateful. I am glad I could help others."

Young Leader, Carcroft Primary School

These Young Leaders have explored issues of justice through the YLA and made a tangible difference to those in their local community, knowing that whatever small act they could do would help people in need.

“The children achieved so many personal goals, working as team, building their resilience, developing their confidence, achieving personal goals. They have been a credit to the school and wider community.”

Laura Godley Teacher, Carcroft Primary School

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