150 Schools Choose the YLA

July 29, 2020
150 Schools Choose the YLA

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust today announced that 150 schools have signed up for its Young Leaders Awards.

The Archbishop of York said

“The Young Leaders Award is such an exciting way of strengthening the school’s cohesion with their local communities. It’s fantastic that 150 schools have signed up.  I have been amazed by the tens of thousands of Young Leaders across the North of England who are making positive changes to where they live and making a difference by their actions.”

The Awards which run at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 offer an active citizenship resource for schools and there are close to 16,000 young students completing the awards across the North of England.

Julia Robertson, Young Leaders Award Manager said:

“The Awards are an amazing force for good in schools.The stories of young people being the change they want to see have been overwhelmingly positive. Just this morning, I’ve been at St Barnabas’ Primary school, York where they are running a monthly ‘Big Breakfast’ club for parents and youngsters. Some of the Key Stage 2 pupils presented their work on the Breakfast Club to a large gathering of Headteachers earlier this week.  They were amazing!”

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