The Archbishop of York Youth Trust


We are delighted to announce that our new Ambassador scheme is up and running.

In essence we are looking to find about 40 Ambassadors for the Archbishop of York Youth Trust throughout the North of England from Nottingham to the Scottish borders to further our work in various ways.

If you are:

  • Wanting to be involved with the Trust and to further the Archbishop’s work amongst young people
  • Someone who can spare maybe an hour or so a week now and again
  • Connected in the business world, the charitable sector, or to individuals who can further help us
  • Trustworthy and reliable!
  • Able to bring in some income for us each year through fund-raising events and donations

…then we'd love to hear from you and see if you could join our team of Ambassadors. To learn more about the role download our Ambassadors Leaflet below:

Ambassador Leaflet

We’re growing our team of Ambassadors throughout the north of England and are pleased to list them below.

Ambassadors’ contact details are given with their kind permission.

You can contact an Ambassador in your local area, or phone us on 01904 231010 for details about the work of The Trust.


Mr. Jeff Parr
01522 789869


Ms Sarah Güsten-Marr
Contact through the Youth Trust

Mrs. Harriet Corner
01969 640218

Mr Ross Potter
Contact through the Youth Trust

Mr Ian Walker

Jonathan and Karen Turner covering Yorkshire
Contact through the Youth Trust


Elizabeth Killeen