The Archbishop of York Youth Trust


On this page you can find testimonials from teachers, parents, Chaplains, Headteachers and learners...

The best thing we have ever done. (Christine Ruck, Ranby House School)

I'm so pleased that my Y6 have completed the KS2 Award. It has been a huge success and it has really helped them with their personal development and the development of a shared community. (Caroline Ryder, Headteacher Carr Junior School)

Some of our students on the course struggle academically but this award is giving them confidence and communication skills. In the conflict resolution module one group pitched to the school SLT about an anti-bullying campaign which included a text message system. This is now being considered by the SLT! (Sarah Daleys, Deanery High)

The Young Leaders award has gone way beyond expectations with 24 students taking part in the first cohort. They are engaged and challenged and very excited about the learning they are experiencing. Even their parents are pleased with the choice their son or daughter has made. The younger students are engaged in looking at Christians that changed their world. I have witnessed stunning work from boys and girls researching amazing individuals such as Elizabeth fry and William Wilberforce. The Youth Trust will impact every single student in the school and develop a generation of young people committed to making their communities fairer and better places to live. (Brian Crosby Principal of Manor CE Academy)                                            

The Head was really impressed with the group and what they were doing, so much that he scheduled and helped develop a ‘make a difference day’. Our YLA group is now called ‘Make a difference’. (Sam Levy, St Michael’s CofE School Youth Chaplain)

The KS3 Award has been helping us to hit our citizenship targets through the community projects and wider understanding of community through module 2 – this is great. In terms of SMSC the focus on the values in the award is really helping with this regardless of belief. They are developing openness to other people / cultural awareness and a desire to serve. It’s making them aware of what is going on in the world (Kate Sandham, Assistant Director of Humanities with Faith, St Anne’s Academy)

I love it – the KS3 Award is such good preparation for the Religious Education GCSE (Archbishop Holgate’s, Head of RE)

It has been an absolute honour teaching this award. Every student has achieved so much from each lesson and we’ve all enjoyed the variety, the topics and the outstanding lesson plans within the award. It has been a wonderful experience for me as a teacher. (Colette Doherty, Manor CE Academy)

...the Leadership course has given her the confidence in her own abilities, she has learnt negotiation skills, good and bad things about working with a group even when they are your friends, the benefits of success and how to accept failure, increased compassion and tolerance. She now understands that patience, time and determination help her to achieve her goals, all these lessons have helped her in her everyday life, her school work, and I am sure will benefit her chosen career. (Diane Fining - Parent of KS4 Award student) 

...we have seen her become more confident in expressing her own opinions and putting forward her points of view. This increased level of self-belief has enabled her to take on public-speaking roles both in and out of school where she has left a very positive impression on her audience. Rebecca has always had a strong work ethic, but the leadership course has taught her the importance of effective delegation...having had the opportunity to experience working in a caring and compassionate environment she has a determination to make the most of her skills and qualities in her working life. (Steve Naish - Parent of KS4 Award student)